Bajas was put to sleep this afternoon at one thirty. After injuring his back last year it was only a matter of time and today was the day. He’s been enjoying Christmas on the couch or in front of the fire with us, eating whatever he wanted and mostly being […]

Bajas 2002 4/15 – 2012 1/6

Hi friends! We hope you have had a great time whether you’ve celebrated howlidays or not. We haven’t really been busy, but rather uninspired. Mom’s been unpackin boxes and all sorts of boring stuff. We’ve gotten a little training done, though! And Mom’s said she’s going to teach Gummi to […]

Tricksy Thursday

Bajas got to try his paw as a therapy dog yesterday. My grandpa has pneumonia and I took the dogs along since I was gone most of the day. Bajas got to spend most of the time inside, since Gummi is a bit too much all over the place yet.. […]

Therapy Dog