Monthly Archives: December 2011

Hi friends! We hope you have had a great time whether you’ve celebrated howlidays or not. We haven’t really been busy, but rather uninspired. Mom’s been unpackin boxes and all sorts of boring stuff. We’ve gotten a little training done, though! And Mom’s said she’s going to teach Gummi to […]

Tricksy Thursday

…commenter #4! And commenter #4 is Tommy and The Popounette gang! This is what he wrote: “SHADOW by Micheal Morpurgo. If you look at the cover, here: you will understand why!” And we do understand – it’s a Tommy wannabe on the cover of that book! Thank you everyone […]

And the winner is…

We’ve been working on Gummi’s hindquarter awareness lately. We really should focus on the Recallers training, but.. well.. we do enjoy a little variety around here. We’ve been working on this for quite some time, but once he realized the box was a target things started to progress much faster. […]

Gummi’s Butt