Monthly Archives: November 2011

So! On Sunday Gummi and I went to the big dog show Dogs4All with my sister and Harald. They are planning to add a Bedlington terrier to their family, like we’ve mentioned before. This time we were going to watch the breeder, Gro, show a couple of her dogs (the […]

Dogs4All 2011

Is it a whippet in a curly wig? No – it’s a Bedlington Terrier! They might be an acquired taste, but Mom’s actually started taking a liking to them. Our Auntie and her family were looking to add a puppy to their family and they needed a dog that doesn’t […]

Is it a sheep?

PeeEss: we apologize to those of you using the blog reader thingies for suddenly “posting” a lot of old posts. Importing the blog to wordpress made all our tags into categories, and when we finally figured out how to revert them back to tags we also went back and re-categorized […]

I haz a new toy!

Hi guys! As you know we here at Camp WriggleButts feed a home made, raw prey model diet. This isn’t something you can do without spending some time learning about nutrition and how to make the food balanced and correct. Although we’d love for every cat and dog and ferret […]

The Pet Food Jungle