Monthly Archives: January 2011

This was going to be a “Seedy Sunday” post, but a weekend at work got me a little delayed.. But: Yahoo! My first seed packs arrived today. These arrived from a site in Sweden – Rara Växter. Bonus seeds – a frilly sort of poppy, Papaver laciniatum “Venus”.I’m not very […]

Seedy… Monday?

Please ignore the horrible quality of these pictures. They’re taken with the phone in poor light. Mom made the kitties sweaters for travelling in winter. You’d think they haven’t survived travelling before. BOL! No pictures of the finished green one, but here’s the very beginning of it. She used up […]

Feeling chilly?

We got some shelves up in our residence by the lake a few months back. This time Virus discovered this one. If mom or PA is sitting on the couch underneath he'll jump onto their shoulders and then onto this shelf. He's also attempted to jump up on his own.. […]


Mom is working on getting our new computer up and running. I help. I'm furry helpful, actually. Also – since we'll try growing some vegetables (and I certainly hope meatables, too) and such this summer… if you and your humans grow stuff and know good websites for seeds or tips […]