Monthly Archives: November 2010

First of all – we got a little sun today. Apparently it replaced some of the wind. We’re quite happy with that combination. It’s really chilly, though. Oh – and here’s one of Mom’s ouchie foot. It’s MUCH less swollen now, but you can see it’s more colorful than usual.I’m […]

A few Tuesday pix.

First of all – we ask you all to open this link in another tab: You need this soundtrack, you see. This place is getting crazier by the minute, and I’m sure that song is getting you into the same mood. I’m being most helpful – here I’m assisting […]

The sound of craziness

Oh hi, guys! I’m just relaxing today.. Sleeping in Mom’s lap as long as it’s available. It’s snowy and windy today. Mom’s at home with her ouchie foot (a little better today!) and she’s trying to study like a good girl (exams coming up SOON!).. but she had some other […]

Snowy Sunday

I just realized it’s just over a year since I went to pick up Hyssing. He’s not so leetle any more! (He’d probably use the entire bed if he’d use it today.) He’s even grown a little more furs compared to these first pix. I’m very glad I brought his […]

Remember this cutie?

I’ve been a pretty useless Mom lately – but I finally finished the box we have the kitties’ PeeWee in. I hope the transparent box will make it easier for my wildly digging boys to keep the pellets in the box – and as a bonus it creates a perfect […]


Today it’s snowing. But Mom stepped on something pointy yesterday and her foot is ouchie so we’re not likely to spend much time outside. Besides – it’s crazy windy and cold. It’s quite nice to sit indoors and look at it, though, and know it’ll be December and Christmas soon. […]

Snowy Saturday