Monthly Archives: March 2010

Hi friends! We’re a little sad at the WriggleButtHome today. We know many of you know Patience and the whippets. Patience, Bill and the waggle have gone through way more than they deserved in the last couple of years. Patience has written about her wonderful sister, Martha, and how she’s […]

Sad Saturday

So it’s Saturday evening and Mom and the kitties are finally home. Here are some pix from today. Hyssing chillaxing in his little tent. Nice heart pattern?But it’s just dots, really, the picture just turned out blurry in a funny way. Virus didn’t think it was any fun – he […]

Cat show day 1

Happy Friday guys! Please keep your paws crossed for the kitties this weekend – they’re going to another show! Mom is making curtains for their show crate today, but is choosing a very much simpler way than last time. BOL! Guess she wasn’t up for much work. Here she asked […]

Wish us luck!