Monthly Archives: April 2009

Yesterday Mom and I went for a nice walk around the little lake Sognsvann. Only 3 min walk from the subway station this is waht we find: It’s really nice spring weather!Some ducks and birdies were out and swimming where the water was appearing under the ice.We trotted along here!This […]

Our Sunday Walk

Attempt at photographing the entire hall. Puppy, puppy!The fawn invasion. BOL!Tove stealing puppy kisses.Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Mom really love these – almost like a black pug – someone has just uncurled the tail and pulled the nose back out.Australian Shepards. No sheep, though.NewfoundlanderSiberian Huskies.Great Dane. We loved the use of […]

Showy Saturday part II

Hi guys! I am a little bit excited tonight. Mom is packing stuff and I’m.. well… I’m chomping at my BamBam. But hey – that’s what Moms are for, right? Mom is a little excited, too! Because her new sewing machine arrived today. She carried it all the way from […]

Prep night