Monthly Archives: November 2008

Mom is being real boring lately… Apparently it’s some important thing coming up this Monday. She’s throwing useless drawings like these all over the place…At least Mom told us that we should be happy we’re Mammals as that’s why we’ve got furs. And if we could be mommies we could […]

Snoring Saturday

Yesterday sweet, sweet fosterkittens at Forever Foster was put to sleep due to illness. We’re feeling so sorry for Fui and Suey and their family. We have so much respect for those of you out there taking the time and heart ache (and fun and joy and work) it is […]

Sad News

Would you all please send some healing vibes to my little brudder? He seems to have a bit of a cold or something and has gooey stuff running from his eyes and a stuffy nose. Mom says it shouldn’t be anything serious but Mom is working nights. It’s never fun […]

Virus with a virus?