Monthly Archives: October 2008

Okay… First things first – Mom is pretty much finished and is just waiting for Auntie Anna to read through it for her before handing it in. She’s been doing pretty much anything else while she was supposed to write, though.. She startet trying to crochet – but then got […]

Creative Thursday…

When Mom and I looked out this morning we saw…. This: OMD is it really TRUE??? I could make yellow snow! SNOW! Do you see I like eating the SNOW? Can you see where I walked? This little guy was hanging in there, but I don’t know for how […]

Guess what!?!?!?!

Here are some pictures of one of our fall walkies!See how smooth pug furs are?`The burrs don’t stick to me! Oh no! But they did to my leash… And to Mom’s gloves.. That’s what you get when you’re so stupid you try to pick them off before taking your gloves […]

Fall walkie

Awoooohooo! Mom just told me that we’re getting visitators today! I love visitators. I’d even forgive Mom for the ugly-picture-taking-camera phone for a while for getting visitators! Mom tend to hang out with Auntie and Grandpa on a fairly regular basis, but they usually go away for movies and dinner […]