Monthly Archives: September 2008

But I thought I’d give those of you who dropped by something extraordinary cute to look at while you’re here!Yeah.. That would be me! (Here I’ve been helping Mom to bake..) Hope you’re all relaxing and having a lovely Sunday! I’ll soon be on the train back home, hopefully with […]

We’re out..

I’m feeling a whole lot better today! Mom made me sleep with CARDBOARD in my crate.. Can you imagine? That’s like not soft at all.. I tried to tell her it wasn’t good enough, but the stubborn human wouldn’t listen. But if she hasn’t started lying to me, too (and […]


I’m not really able to post or read and comment today, but I hope you’re all doing better than me! I must have eaten something or got some bug, because I’ve spent the day running in and out with Mom with severe diarrhea.. (And unfortunately for both of us Mom […]