Monthly Archives: August 2008

I tried to post these yesterday, but blogger kept being stupid.. Virus is still getting bolder and now he think we can SHARE BamBam… BOL! I’m not overly posessive, so as long as he let me have the main parts of him I don’t really mind.. Mom is doing laundry […]


So.. Here’s another post with plenty of Virus pictures.. I assure you I won’t let his tiny, fluffy butt take my place around here, but he’s been our main source of entertainment today! He’s pretty cute when he’s sleeping, huh? To those of you who think he’s got no furs […]

We have contact!

Ok.. We’re still testing the name thing, but for now he’s usually refered to as Virus. If we use a name.He was of course a bit scared when he arrived.. All alone with a weirdo like me (and Mom) for the first time! I think he thinks my snoring and […]

When Virus arrived..