Hamar – part 2 7

Snorts and sneezes too you all, hope you’re still having a great summer! I hope I’m not boring you all too much with my summer pictures.. Let me know when you’ve had enough! First I’m going to take you all out in my boat(oh.. PA’s.. but who cares about details?!).

Just a couple of minutes after heading out this is our view. The city of Hamar is the buildings you see starting on the right. PA’s house is a bit further north!
Mom told me it was hard to take my pictures for the blog if I wanted to stay in her lap.

I was like “whaaaat?” (See – she got my face in this shot! Hah!) Entering the Hamar harbour at sunset.

I’m convincing PA to give me the last bit of his ice cream – and he did! Gooood boy!

Then I kept mom company in the back for a while!

7 thoughts on “Hamar – part 2

  • Mango

    Bajas,I love the extreme close-up. You have your own yacht? AND a servant to give you ice cream too? What a great vacation.Slobbers,Mango

  • Maya and Kena

    Hi Bajas!Wow.. how fun!That closeup of you is great! BOL!You got ice cream? Lucky boy!You must be having a pawtastic summer!Wags and licks,Maya and Kena

  • Lorenza

    Hi, Bajas!I am enjoying your posts about your vacation!Do you like to be in the boat?I love your close-up!Ice cream??? Lucky you!Life is good, right?Kisses and hugsLorenza

  • The Devil Dog

    Baja, my mom told me to tell you that she loves everything you write about. The history lessons, the geography of where you are, what you do, the area around you. Mom loves seeing what it’s like in other places around the world because she’s not sure she’s ever going to be able to visit some of them. So you keep right on doing what you are doing.:)Roxy

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