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Mom say I’m such an ELEGANT dog. I totally get that. Then she laughs.. I don’t get that at all… Right??? There is like NO reason to laugh at this! It is very comfy.. Back to sleep… Stupid mom. But today I’m going off to visit these people who might […]


9 Mom just got home from work, and this is how happy I was to see Raff! (I see no point in playing or eating when mom is not home…) Now Auntie Anna is coming over for walkies! I look forwards to that! Bajas Pee Ess: Mom say to please […]

Happy reunion

On the oposite side of the park by the river is an area mainly reserved for people wanting to do sports.. Several soccer fields are marked up, plus spaces for beach volley(or do you call it something else if there’s no water in sight?)There’s a path around the entire thing, […]

My other park

Hi guys! There’s just been a bit too much change and stuff going on here lately and we’re sorry we’re not keeping up.. Don’t quite know when we’ll be back, but when we’re not blogging hopefully we’ll be able to visit more blogs instead and not just feel guilty! Ane […]

Taking a break…