Monthly Archives: April 2008

9 is my beloved stuffie, usually referred to as Bambam. All my stuffies are, though, as long as I love them.. Coco sometimes use it to sit or sleep on because it’s nice and fluffy and comfortable. I don’t like ti much if I want to… uh… wash and meditate […]


You won’t believe what just happened! We’re just all home together and happy and should be enjoying ourselves and be eating food – and don’t you think Mom brought out the dreadfull noisemaker the vacuum? See – it’s really there!We were thoroughly shocked and disappointed! You what?No thanks… We think […]

Less happy..

Awooohoo…! Mom is back! We’ve been on vacation with Grandpa (Bajas & Coco) and Auntie (Nimbus) for over a week while Mom went away. We’ve been deprived our regular time on the Internet and we’ll try to catch up! We’ve not done much since we got home last night – […]

Mom is back!