Monthly Archives: March 2008

“What” you say? “Christmas? They must be out of their minds!”That’s pretty much what we thought when we got up in the morning, too… Our Christmas snow arrived either very late og extremely early…What? We’ll have to go outside? But we’ve bragged about having spring and now it’s like totally […]

Merry Christmas

I have a black leather sofa. It’s one of a kind. The dogs have fixed it for me and it’s super special. It’s got a hole in the middle cushion because Nimbus is unable to get under the blanket himself and he dug a hole when I was asleep one […]

Special designed sofa

We’re sorry we haven’t posted for a while.. We’ve been busy. And lazy. Anyways! Mom celebrated her birthday and we behaved and all is well. We had some pictures to share, but for now Blogger isn’t cooperating, we’ll try again later. The Wriggles