Monthly Archives: January 2008

As you might have heard I spent my weekend with Auntie and her animals – the three guinea pigs (Theodor, Lillebror (Little brother in Norwegian) and Ludvig) and Herbert the cat. I’ll post more pictures of me and my buddy Herbert later. But when I arrived at my Aunties I […]

Super Tongue

Greatings, WriggleButtFriends. I’m Fenris aka FrizZ and I totally MomNapped the WriggleButtMom this weekend. Hah! While they had their lame weekends all alone I got all the cuddles and attention all to myself. Hah… Hah!You’re all pretty scared now, huh?I always knew she liked me better, of course, and that […]

The MomNapper

Can you believe it? Mom went to visit auntie Lene and the puppy human plus Fenris and Morris and didn’t take us along!!!!!?!?!?! We’re doing ok, though, even though we’re separated this weekend. Mom asked us to take pictures of our adventures and we’ll hopefully have some fun adventures to […]

Away for the weekend

It’s been such a weid winter… We’re heading towards the end of January and we still haven’t gotten proper snow for any period of time. It snowed yesterday morning – but by evening it was raining and today the entire world is glazed. For now. It’s going to melt and […]

Icky weather

We’re a bit behind with everything.. But we got this great award from the WhippetWaggle a while ago! “The award is awarded to ‘people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland.The ‘rules’ of this award say we may nominate up to 10 bloggers […]


Ok.. We’re not sure to cry or laugh.. So we do a bit of whining by the door.. Anyways.. Useless Mom managed to fall down the stairs and smash her elbow and seriously bruising her back. Now we won’t be getting proper walkies tonigh.. Boo hoo.. 🙁 Her elbow is […]

Clumsy Mom

We’re back! 😀 Mom did very well on her test.. actually she scored 100% so that shows the extreme talent of us as study buddies! It’s raining and miserable here… not much going on but we’ve taken some cool pictures. We’ll be posting our Secret Santa gift.. A bit late, […]

Mom did it!