Monthly Archives: November 2007

Hi friends! We just wanted to remind you all that Friday November 23(US/Canada)/Saturday November 24(Internationally) is Buy Nothing Day. Actually it’s the 15th annual BND and we’d like you all to participate. We get a bit sad thinking about all the stuff we buy-buy-buy (food and stuffies not included) rather […]

Buy Nothing Day

Mom thinks we’re being a bit silly at feeding time. That she could never live in an apartment building because she’d be suspected of abuse? Please note that this is only for our yummy raw food. Kibble doesn’t get the same reaction. We hope the video works, it’s our first […]

Feeding frenzy

We don’t really know much about why the colder air or particles or whatever that cause such pretty skies in winter – but Mom took some pictures because she thinks it’s really pretty. These are taken when we came home from our walkies. A rather good time of day to […]

Pretty Cold

Mom is home today, so we’ve been helping her out. She’s been baking today, and that’s one of our favourite things to help with! We’ve been baking her wholewheat & yoghurt chocolate chip muffins! We’re not very happy about that chocolate part. That means we don’t get to taste the […]

Making Mufins